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Nutshell Bio
A man which is an actor,wrestler and businessman.whose name is Dwayne douglas johanson also popular as ring man, the rock. Dwayne douglas was born on 2 May 1972 in hayward california USA.He belong to a wrestler family. His father Rocky johanson was a professional wrestler at that time and his mother Ata johanson was an actress.

Dwayne travel more with his parents around the world and seeing the what his father is doing. He moniter closely all the steps of wrestling of his father. At the initial days he got a opportunity to play a football match at university of miami in which he study.In 1991 National collegiate athletic association (NCCA) championship selected as denfensive tactics DT for playing football after that he got many injuries which is unfavourable conditions to play a football match.

Trivia and facts

Following are the some trivia and facts.
  • He won national championship (football) in 1991.
  • Participate eight times in world heavyweight champion.
  • His films revenue $3.2 billion in north america and $10.3 billion world wide.
  • He is the highest paying actor in america.His film debut on 2001.
  • His father and grandfather also a professional wrestler.
  • He compleated graduation (bachelor of general studies in criminology and physiology) in 1995.
  • His first WWF debut match name as Rocky Maivia which is the combination of his father and grand father names.
  • First time in the history he host Wrestle Mania xxvii in 2011. 
  • He met his first wife when was just 22 years after that me married with her at 25th of his birthday.
  •                             The rock with dany garcia           Credit-en.wikipedia.org                             
  • Before joining hollywood industry he started acting career on television in 1999. His first show is called as That wrestling show.
  • Johnson started new journey in hollywood industry and become star at that time.He is one of the highest paid actor in this industry because of most popularity in the worldwide.
  • His hollywood movies.
  1. The Mummy Returns in 2001.
  2. The scorpion King in 2002.
  3. The Rundown in 2003.
  4. Walking Tail in 2004.
  5. Be cool in 2005.
  6. Gridiron Gang in 2006.
  7. Reno 991:Miami in 2007.
  8. Southland Tales and more.
  • He presented an academy award for best visual effects at 80th academy awards.
  • He makes own production company in 2012 which is known as Seven Bucks Production.
  • Johnson makes a comedy drama on fighting with my family itself appeared.
  • On 3 may 1997 he married with dany garcia.she is also a professional bodybuilder and businesswomen.
  • His first daughter simone won born on 14 august 2001.
  • On june 2007 he is separated with his family finaly divorce in May 2008.
  • Johnson started dating Lauren Hashian after that she got married in 18 august 2019 in Hawaii (state in western usa)
  • Lauren Hashian has a two daughter.
  1. Jasmine. 
  2. Tiana.
  • His daughter simone started training at WWE performance center.she is become a fourth generation wrestler in his family.
  • Johnson announced that she signed a contract WWE .

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